Flyer Distribution

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• 100% Flash Saturation of entire City Blocks, at a particular set time. • 100% Labor Force Capable on Demand. Transportation, Insurance, Flyers Graphic Design all Included. • Coverage of Large Events. Trade Shows, Festivals, Sporting, Concerts. • Emergency Situations. Community Alerts, Organizations. • Political and Organization Saturation Marketing. • A Display Banner Ad goes in Google Distribution Network of Authorized Websites to out to the same Geo Location that he Flyers were passed out in. • Your Banner Ad will be resent to the same people for an entire month after physical distribution of Flyers.

Chicago's a big place...we don't want you or your flyers getting lost. Help us help you by telling us exactly where you want your flyer distribution. Businesses, homes, condos and shacks we distribute where you want(and don't want) your marketing materials going. Door to door marketing is the most effective markething we offer as it is reliable, targeted and affordable.

Chicago Flyer Distribution

If you have had issues in the past with flyer distribution don't worry because Bulldog's got it. We pass out our flyers with a small team of employees and a supervisor to make sure they're going where they need to go. Can't take our word for it? No problem! Call us anytime during your distribution and well tell you exactly where our team is and you can go see for yourself.

Call us for a quote on flyer distribution in your area now! There is no price difference between passing our flyers, brochures or door hangers - besides the cost of printing of course - so our flyer distribution service has got you covered.